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AMO framework on Empowering People

AMO Framework

The behaviour of empowered people can be explained through the underlying elements of ability, motivation and opportunity. Behaviour can be managed by enhancing individuals’ levels of the AMO elements, as the figure shows below:


The AMO model poses two things:


The three elements are a prerequisite for an action to occur where lower amounts of the elements reduce action and higher amounts improve action. How well each element is represented from person to person varies. The more ability, motivation and opportunity each person has, the more empowered they are.


Consider, for example Rose using mHealth applications to take care of her health. If Rose is not able to access an mHealth application because she does not know how to download the application (low ability), she may also be less motivated to do


There is a strong dependency between the elements. The mutual influence they have on each other will depend on the personal situation.

so because she perceives that doing this is more difficult for her. Again, how ability, motivation and opportunity interact to influence a particular person’s level of empowerment is highly individual.

Based on the model above, we’ve conducted a survey among the Member States participating in the program. With this survey we explored initiatives or programs focused on the elements above, and the most common barriers and enablers related to them.

We categorized the barriers and enablers on the elements, and developed our own framework in order to achieve the desired behavior: the feeling of empowerment. The more detailed method and results can be found in our document.

People are empowered when all of the above elements are fulfilled as each of them influence and are dependent upon each other. To bring the journey to empowerment to life, we used personas as use cases. The personas will be explained next.