Meet Rose, Nikos and Jacqueline

Empowering people is ultimately about the people: their status, needs and capabilities, all of which need to be taken into account when developing digital health. In order to further clarify experienced and perceived issues with accessing, receiving and improving digital health, ‘personas’ are used (1).

Three personas (Rose, Nikos and Jacqueline) were selected and elaborated for the purposes of this framework, as they span the matrix from least to most health needs.

It is considered important to address empowering solutions to both patients with existing conditions (e.g. Jacqueline) and also those who are not yet considered “patients” (e.g. Rose) and for whom empowerment is an important contributor to prevention.


Age: 10 Generally Well Good Wellbeing


Age: 50 Chronic Conditions Social Care


Age: 87 Complex Needs

Later on we will use the personas to show how empowerment can be achieved. But first, some explanation about how we developed our framework.

(1) The personas are based on the “Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society”, which has developed 12 unique personas based on their needs, age and employment status.