Recommendations based on ability

In this chapter, the priority areas with the main focus on the ability element of the AMO framework will be described. These priority areas are ‘Users at the centre’ and ‘Digital health literacy of people’. Ability refers to which people have the necessary competences (e.g. knowledge and skills) in order to engage in their own or others’ health.

Users at the centre

Develop common digital health services guidance for design and development of user-centric digital health technologies.

Recommendation 2

Involve end-users in all phases of policy from policyshaping to implementation and evaluation. Ensure a ‘whole system in the room’ process where patients and health professionals are involved.

Recommendation 3

Digital Health Literacy of People

Address DHL within existing policies before operationalising such policies by embedding digital health literacy goals into strategies that take a multi-layered and multi-faceted approach to achieving such goals.

Recommendation 4

Incorporate digital health literacy into the education system.

Recommendation 5