Digital Toolkit

In this digital toolkit you may find all the documents about people empowerment. The Policy Proposal and the Policy Framework are the main documents with all the theory, results and recommendations written during the eHAction project.

The general presentation and the leaflet are dissemination documents that can be used to inform colleagues, stakeholders or other target groups.

The general presentation can be used to inform colleagues about people empowerment. The presentation contains different topics you may use depending on your goal or target group. Each slide contains a short explanation on the information presented on the slide. Included in the presentation is:

• Our definition of empowerment • The AMO framework • Different personas (including an empty persona for own use) • Example recommendations for citizens, health professionals, students, policymakers and developers.

The leaflet includes recommendation from the Policy Proposal on People Empowerment to evaluate the current state of the actions. The recommendations here are shortened and some of them are merged to give the reader a quick overview of the main suggestions. Leaflet is created with the AMO (ability, motivation, opportunity) framework in mind and the recommendations are divided into three chapters accordingly.